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Selecting and renting the perfect sledge

A step-by-step guide
Marietta Hoffmann
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Are you planning a family sledging adventure this winter? Excellent choice – sledging is a delightful activity for family members of all ages. And if you don’t have any sledges yet, don’t worry! At the INTERSPORT Rent shops, you can rent first-rate equipment for a variety of sports. Read on to learn all about the different types of sledges, the rental process and other sledging-related topics!

What types of sledges are there?

The most popular options include wooden sledges, plastic sledges, steerable sledges, bob sledges and inflatable sledges.

Here’s a quick guide on the different types:


Traditional wooden sledges

Wooden sledges have a special nostalgic appeal. They often bring back cherished childhood memories, making them a popular choice for many. Known for being stable and easy to control, these sledges are a great option for families with children. Moreover, when maintained well, high-quality wooden sledges are remarkably durable and long-lasting.

Lightweight plastic sledges

What if you’re planning to walk to the starting point of the sledging run? Then a plastic sledge might be better. Their lighter weight, compared to wooden sledges, makes them easy to carry and pull. Additionally, the material is low-maintenance and moisture-resistant.

Depending on their design, plastic sledges can be grouped into options with or without steering, as well as bob sledges.

Convenient steerable sledges

A steerable sledge gives you greater control in manoeuvring. The enhanced steering capability also allows for higher speeds. Steerable models are usually more fun to ride but require prior sledging experience.

Inflatable sledges

Inflatable sledges are compact, convenient to transport and offer a high level of comfort. With their soft seating, they are a great option – especially for longer rides. These models are available in both single-seater and two-person configurations.

Bob sledges for higher speeds

These bobs are designed to be slightly wider and more stable – attributes that are crucial when higher speeds are involved. A key comfort feature of this type of sledge is the inclusion of seats, which many models incorporate.

Rent sledges from INTERSPORT Rent


Whether it’s a sledge or other winter sports gear: You don’t necessarily need to buy new equipment whenever you want to try a new sport. Renting a sledge helps save you time, money and space. Depending on how spontaneously you want to head out on your adventures, you can conveniently book your winter sports equipment online in advance or directly on site at one of our shops.

For online bookings, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose a rental location.
  2. Enter the rental period.
  3. Specify the number of sledges needed.
  4. Browse all available products in the category “fun sports equipment”.
  5. Add the desired sledges to the shopping cart.
  6. Enter your personal details to complete the reservation.

Tip: Having a customer account saves you the hassle of having to re-enter your data.

Once your booking is successfully completed, you’re all set for your sledging adventures!

Rent sledges from INTERSPORT Rent!

Tips for an enjoyable sledging experience

To help you make the most of your sledging experience, we have compiled some helpful tips:

  • Proper braking: Be sure to control your speed using your feet as brakes. Some sledges also come equipped with mechanical brakes.
  • Navigating tight bends: When turning, shift your body weight in the desired direction. Remember: Practice makes perfect!
  • Assessing route conditions: Sledging run conditions can change daily or even hour-to-hour. Generally, the runs are better groomed and less crowded in the morning. Always check the current weather forecast and follow the sledging run operators’ advice!

Planning to go sledging with kids?

You can find valuable tips and advice in our magazine article titled “Sledging with children”.

Find out more in our blog!

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The right clothing for sledging

Perfectly outfitted!

Before heading out on your sledging excursion, it’s crucial to spend some time selecting appropriate clothing. Here are some essentials:

  • Waterproof footwear is key to keeping your feet warm and dry.
  • Opt for snow trousers or models made from waterproof materials to shield your legs from moisture and cold.
  • A warm winter anorak or ski jacket is essential to prevent you from getting cold.
  • Gloves are necessary to protect your fingers from the chill.
  • Ski goggles can help guard your eyes against wind, snow and sunlight.
  • Don’t forget to wear a hat to keep your head warm and a helmet for protection in case of a collision or fall.


Embark on your sledging adventures with INTERSPORT Rent!

After deciding on your outfit, picking an appropriate destination and reserving your sledge, you’re all set for an exhilarating ride! When you collect your winter sports equipment from the INTERSPORT Rent shop, be sure to also speak to our RENTertainers! They will be happy to provide you with valuable insider tips – for an even more enjoyable experience.

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