General Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. The contract is concluded between the customer making the reservation and the INTERSPORT partner (shop) from which they collect and return their equipment.
    Personal data provided by you on this website will be processed and utilised in accordance with the provisions of the current national and European data protection regulations solely for the processing of your enquiries and/or on-line reservations.INTERSPORT Rent undertakes to respect the confidentiality of your data at all times and will not sell, rent or make it available to third parties.
  2. By concluding the reservation, the customer making the reservation confirms the accuracy of the personal data that serves for the proper adjustment of the bindings. The customer is not permitted to make any unauthorised adjustments.
  3. For bookings for minors unaccompanied by an adult, the legal representative is liable.
  4. Winter equipment:
    The equipment may be collected after 16:00 on the evening before the first rental day and returned either at the end of the final rental day or before 10:00 on the following day. Returns made after 10:00 will incur an additional day’s rental charge by the INTERSPORT partner (shop) concerned in accordance with the locally published rates.

    Sommer equipment:
    The equipment may be collected on the first rental day and returned at the end of the final rental day. Late Returns will incur an additional day’s rental charge by the INTERSPORT partner (shop) concerned in accordance with the locally published rates
  5. The customer is responsible for returning the equipment in good condition or to pay compensation up to the retail price of the rented products. The customer is not permitted to pass on the sports equipment to third parties. The customer shall ensure that the equipment is looked after in such a way as to prevent it being taken by mistake or stolen.
  6. Liability for stolen rental property lies with the customer. The customer may absolve himself of this liability by making a payment of 10% of the rental value. Please see the individual conditions of the INTERSPORT partner (shop) concerned.
    In the event of stolen, the customer is required to report the matter to the relevant security authority within 24 hours and to notify the rental agency of the theft in writing without delay.
    In the event of breakage or damage as a result of improper use or theft due to failure to comply with the requisite duty of care, the customer is liable to pay the cost of repair or the market value.
  7. The prices include 8.1% value added tax.
  8. A change of category may be made at any time for an additional charge as per the price list and subject to availability. In the event of a change to a lower category, no price reduction will be made.
  9. Any disputes arising from, in connection with, or relating to reservations, rentals or use of equipment within the scope of this reservation shall be resolved exclusively in the national courts of Switzerland.
  10. In the event of a delay in collecting the rented equipment, the customer is requested to inform the shop concerned at the earliest possible opportunity. The reserved equipment will be held by the shop for a maximum of 24 hours. After this period of time, the equipment will be released for rental without the customer being entitled to compensation.
  11. Cancellation terms: You can book the cancellation option for CHF 5.-/person and cancel your reservation until 12.00 noon the day before. You will get the full amount back, minus the cancellation fee. If you have booked without the cancellation option, the reservation cannot be cancelled. The cancellation option must be booked per person and always costs CHF 5 per person, regardless of whether you book for one or fourteen days.
    With the cancellation fee you can only cancel until 12:00 noon the day before the start of the rental. After the start of the rental, the reservation can no longer be canceled, as the rental has started.
  12. These general terms and conditions of business apply to the reservation, booking and payment of rental equipment via the Internet.
  13. Contact: Please contact the rental location directly if you have the following questions:

    - Opening hours
    - Product specific questions
    - Changes of reservations (wrong date, wrong location)
    - Cancellations

    If you have technical questions or if the rental location cannot help you, please contact


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