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Renting snowshoes

The first step to your winter adventure
Marietta Hoffmann
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Ain’t no mountain high enough or rather: Ain’t no snow that’s deep enough! With snowshoes you can walk practically on every snow surface without sinking in. This allows you to get to stunning winter spots that skiers can’t reach.

However, it’s not just nature lovers who enjoy snowshoeing. The sport is hugely popular with all types of outdoor enthusiasts. You want to find out why and give snowshoeing a try yourself? Great decision! For first-timers it’s particularly convenient to rent snowshoes before buying. Read on to find out everything you need to know about renting snowshoes with INTERSPORT Rent!

Why should you go snowshoeing?

That one’s easy – there’s a long list of reasons to love snowshoeing:

Snowshoeing …

  • … is a great way to slow down and experience nature.
  • … is an excellent winter exercise.
  • … is a perfect way to extend the hiking season.
  • … is suitable for all ages and a great group or family activity.
  • … is easy to learn and only requires a few basic techniques.
  • … doesn’t require heaps of expensive equipment – especially if you rent!

Snowshoes or touring skis?

What’s the advantage of renting snowshoes when you could also use touring skis to get to those snowed-in winter nooks? Well, of course you could also explore the wintry landscape during a ski tour – with the benefit of an action-packed descent.

However, snowshoes are a great alternative for leisure skiers who are not as proficient in the backcountry. Plus, snowshoeing is often less exhausting and easier to do with kids.


What are snowshoes and how do they work?


In a nutshell, snowshoes are a piece of footwear that you attach to your boots to walk over snow. The idea behind them is simple: The extra surface of the snowshoe redistributes your weight, allowing you to “float” on the snow rather than sinking in.

Did you know?

Snowshoeing might be a fairly new sport, but snowshoes have been around literally for ages. As early as 4000 B.C., people in Central Asia already strapped flat materials to their feet to get to snow-covered places that were otherwise unreachable.


What types of snowshoes are there?

Most modern snowshoes are made of aluminium or composite. Depending on your preferred terrain and skill level, there are different types of snowshoes:

Flat-terrain snowshoes

  • for flat trails and rolling hills
  • mostly mellow terrain
  • essential performance
  • easy to use

Rolling-terrain snowshoes

  • for on and off-trail hiking
  • for different types of snow conditions and terrain
  • with crampons for more traction
  • all-round snowshoes for all-day adventures

Mountain-terrain snowshoes

  • for mountaineering and rugged terrain
  • crampon system for maximum traction
  • ultralight performance

What size snowshoe should you choose?

When it comes to finding the right size, snowshoes are a bit different to winter boots or ski boots. Choosing the right size has less to do with your shoe size than with your body weight and height – and with your preferred type of terrain!

  • Powder snow: bigger snowshoes to stay afloat
  • Packed snow: smaller snowshoes for narrow trails
  • Steep and icy terrain: smaller snowshoes for more control

Our tip


Not quite sure which snowshoes are right for you? Don’t worry! The RENTertainers at our rental shops are experts in the field and always happy to help you find your “perfect match”.

Rent your snowshoes

What should you keep in mind before your first snowshoe adventure?

The good news: Snowshoeing is remarkably beginner-friendly, and you can start off basically without any prior knowledge. Having said that, there are still a few things you should keep in mind:

  • For your first time on snowshoes, choose an easy, short route!
  • Don’t forget that although a “slow motion sport”, snowshoeing can be quite exhausting!
  • Always check the current avalanche situation before your trip!
  • Before choosing more challenging routes, consider getting some tips during a guided snowshoe tour with an experienced guide!

Avalanche equipment for the worst-case scenario


Are you all kitted out for your first time on snowshoes? No? Then you’ll be happy to hear that INTERSPORT Rent offers all you need for your snowy exploration. Snowshoes, poles, functional clothing, avalanche equipment … Rent all of this and more at our 800 rental shops across Europe and Canada!

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