Your benefits at INTERSPORT Rent

Smart rentals

With more than 800 rental stations, more than 130 of which are in Switzerland, INTERSPORT Rent is the world’s leading renter of snow sports equipment. INTERSPORT Rent offers a large choice of top-quality winter sports equipment, high safety standards, hygienic ski boots thanks to a state-of-the-art drying process, as well as professional advice. In the «Premium» category, all ski models can be swapped free of charge for a different model at any time.

The range of ratings for winter sports holidays extends from «OK» to «Wow, simply great».

What would you prefer? With INTERSPORT Rent and the nationwide Swiss partner network for winter sports equipment rental, you’ll definitely be among the «Wow, simply great».

Your benefits:

  • Time saving
    With online reservation, you save valuable time.

  • Big choice
    At INTERSPORT Rent, you will find a big choice of ski and snowboard models as well as the latest ski boots.

  • Ski poles free of charge
    Every ski rental includes matching ski poles free of charge.

  • Flexibility
    You don’t have to decide long in advance; you can rent carving skis one day, cross-country skis the next and then even have a few days of freeriding and snowboarding.

  • Quality
    With INTERSPORT equipment, you always have the best possible products available.

  • Convenience
    The equipment is ready and waiting for you in the mountains. There’s no need to lug it along if you’re travelling by train, for example. If you’re driving, you don’t need a ski rack. The skis don’t take up storage space all summer and you don’t have to bother with maintenance.

  • Testing
    Rental skis are also test skis. You can try out as many models as you like. Even on the same day, before you decide on a possible purchase at a later date. In this case, the testing costs are cancelled.

  • Children
    For growing children, who need a different ski length almost every year, rental usually makes sound financial sense. Should you subsequently decide to buy, the advantage is that most shops will offset part of the rental against the purchase price.