This is how your rental works:

You can come to the check-in terminal in the shop…

…or simply reserve your equipment from the comfort of your sofa.1

1. Pay online in advance and enjoy a 10% online discount on the entire rental price.2

2. Choose your equipment in the shop, we’ll adjust it to fit.

3. Go to the cash desk unless you have prepaid online, and head for the slopes!

4. You can store your equipment overnight in the shop depot3 where it is dry and secure.

1  You can, of course, also get your skis direct in the shop without reservation; it simply takes a little longer.
2  You can, of course, also wait to pay when you are in the shop, but in that case you will not get your online discount.
3  Not all shops have their own ski depot. You can check this direct with the local shop.