The Rocker technology

Rocker technology is an evolution in conventional ski construction,where the ski is pre-loaded much like a bow.

A rocker in the ski means that the pre-load is reversed, or negative. When the ski lies on a flat surface, it is already curved slightly upwards before the blade. Due to the slight upward bend of the ski, especially in the front part, the contact points are moved from the tips and the ends of the ski closer to the centre. Since they are easy to control, manoeuvre and are safe, rocker skis are suitable for almost every target group and area of use. They provide the skier with one thing above all else: 

100% fun in the snow!


Slope and All-Mountain Ski


All-Mountain Rocker 
  • Easy turn initiation

  • MGreater versatility to cope with all snow conditions

  • Outstanding edge grip and carving effect

  • Wide skis feel easier to control!




Tip and Tail Rocker 
  • Excellent manoeuvrability

  • Easy turn initiation

  • Good edge grip




Freestyle Rocker
  • Excellent manoeuvrability

  • Easy to turn

  • More rebound for the funpark

  • Better protection against catching the blades on rails

  • Gentle carving effect


Freeride Rocker 
  • Optimum lift

  • The blade remains effortlessly on the surface, even in deep snow

  • Surf effect