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If you’re looking for a big choice of the latest ski models, you’ve come to the right place with INTERSPORT Rent. We have the best skis, making sure you can enjoy your days on the slopes to the full.

Our categories Economy, Premium and Exclusive leave nothing to be desired. Whichever category you choose, you will get high-quality skis with a trendy design from an established brand. Simply select your favourite from the extensive range – there’s something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert!

Take advantage of knowledgeable advice from our seasoned rental experts in the shop about which ski is most suitable for you. Every one of them is a winter sports enthusiast who knows what is important and what you require to satisfy your needs.

We look forward to amazing you with our offering and our service!

The three ski categories: the right ski for everyone

The INTERSPORT specialists have picked the best selection for you out of a wide range of carving ski models. This guarantees you a high level of skiing comfort and optimum skiing pleasure.

Category ECONOMY (blue)

The ski rental for cost-conscious skiers.

An extensive range of quality skis from well-known brands.

Economy skis are ideally suited to cost-conscious skiers. Whether you are a beginner or returning to the sport – a reasonable price and solid material is what matters most to you.

All-mountain skis guarantee you lots of fun on the slopes. Thanks to their design, the skis are very forgiving and ensure comfortable and enjoyable skiing on the slopes.

Ski poles included!

Category PREMIUM (red)

The ski rental for ambitious skiers.

The absolute world innovations from the best-known ski brands and technical features of the season! Experience a new skiing sensation: Better grip on hard, icy slopes, agility in soft snow, stability at higher speed... the Premium quality provides all this. Not only for professionals, but for beginners, too.

Ski poles included!

Category EXCLUSIVE (black)

The ski rental for discerning skiers.

For the most discerning! The all-important edge in terms of image and performance when it comes to attracting attention on every slope.

This exclusive class is for the discerning among you. If only the best is good enough for you, then these are the models you should focus on. These high-quality, high-performance models feature the most advanced technologies. No compromises! With these high-tech skis, nothing stands in the way of your skiing pleasure.

Ski poles included!

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