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Salomon Skischuh

Best fit, best comfort

To get the most out of a wonderful day for skiing, you have to have the perfect skiing equipment. This includes well-fitting ski boots, of course. That’s why we offer an extensive choice of ski boots in different models from various brands. So you can be sure to find a well-fitting boot, whatever the size and shape of your feet.

By the way, in our INTERSPORT Rent shops we attach the utmost importance to hygiene. On return, every ski boot is hygienically cleaned and dried with state-of-the-art technologies.

Have you decided to buy new boots?

Get advice from the rental experts and have your ski boots fitted to your feet by means of professional foot analysis. Nowadays, your feet are no longer forced into the ski boots; instead, the ski boots are adapted to fit your feet perfectly. This ensures good blood circulation, eliminates pressure points and cold feet, and helps to avoid foot fatigue.

Boot liner customisation

Many ski boots allow you to customise the inner liner. It is removed, heated and placed back in the boot. Then you put on the boot and close it, and the inner liner material adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot. Boot liner customisation takes around 20 minutes.

The short time it takes is enormously worthwhile because it allows you to enjoy your skiing to the full – with no irritating pressure points or premature foot fatigue.

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